How a hosted IT solution can help your business cut costs

In a tight economic climate where businesses need to be financially savvy in order to stay ahead, it’s essential make smart strategic decisions for your company.

Say goodbye to set-up fees

Cloud-based services eliminate the need for over-priced tech hardware, such as servers. This means you are no longer forced to partner with expensive IT providers who often offer little value for a premium price. With a hosted server you can be up and running in a matter of hours, avoiding the initial set-up costs associated with a traditional server.

Keep up-to-date at no extra cost

As well as saving you money from day one, you can also do away with the regular payments previously required for general equipment maintenance as well as ensuring your tech is up-to-date. Our hosted solutions are inclusive of all maintenance costs, ensuring your software is updated automatically. This allows you to feel confident that your data is safe and secure at all times with no hidden costs along the way. The money saved on updates can then be invested in to other areas of your business.

Eliminates tech replacement

Despite the set-up costs associated with installing a traditional server, it will be expected that after a number of years the server itself will need to be replaced. This means another sizable payment which you will likely be unprepared for. Opting for a hosted solution means that you are not reliant on a single server, but instead your data is spread across a large number of independent physical locations, increasing reliability and providing a 99.99% uptime. With much smaller regular payments being made, our systems are kept up to date at all times, with no additional costs to account for. This results in a much lower overall costs for our clients on a long-term basis.

Old hardware

Allows cost-effective scalability

Traditionally as a company grew in size and scale additional (expensive!) server space would need to be purchased. This can mean a large investment for companies, especially start-ups who may be nervous about investing heavily when the future remains uncertain. With a hosted server you can increase your data requirements as and when you grow, with the benefit of scaling back to a smaller package at any time. This makes it a financially safer option for businesses who may need additional server space, but only at certain times.

Other ways cloud can save you money?

A major benefit of having your IT hosted in the cloud is the ability to access data and run your business remotely. This can eliminate the need for a physical office space which can put a financial strain on your company. With low-cost services such as Virtual Office available, this makes working from home both a more viable and more respected option. In addition to the financial savings, you have the opportunity to hire a remote workforce allowing you to choose the best employees from anywhere in the country, or in the world.

HostingIT4U creates bespoke packages including hosted servers, hosted exchange and hosted desktops ensuring we can provide the perfect infrastructure unique to your company. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team today to begin your journey to the cloud.