4 ways cloud hosting enhances customer experience

With a wealth of choice in the marketplace, companies need to bring their A-game when it comes to delivering fast and high-end service to their customers. If customers are not receiving the experience they feel they deserve, there is nothing to stop them looking for an alternative supplier, meaning that companies no longer hold all the power.

With customer experience being at the forefront of all company goals, it is essential for the success of cloud, that there are clear and direct links between choosing a cloud hosting service and the satisfaction of service experienced by their customers.

Here are 4 key ways in which cloud computing can not only retain customers but also improve their overall experience.

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1. Agile solutions
Cloud-based services can flexibly adapt and react to clients needs and expectations in an agile way. With goals often shifting throughout a project, it is vital to be able to implement change at any point in time, and from anywhere in the world. Using a cloud solution is ideal for projects which are fluid and changeable. For example, a cloud-based project management system can allow both the development team and the client to provide reactive feedback and updates on a real-time basis. This allows for work to be done in response to current customer feedback and to their specified priorities. This is just one example of how working within a cloud infrastructure can provide agile solutions to improve customer experience as well as enhance internal processes and functionality.

2. Seamless sales experience
Intuitive cloud-based services are allowing companies to provide an automated and seamless experience for retail customers. With the age of online shopping far exceeding expectations, the need for this digital shopping experience to be intuitive to a customers’ goals is becoming more essential than ever. An online shop could use a cloud server to automatically sync product inventories across multiple online and offline stores, providing customers with the greatest viable options for their shopping purchase. In addition, pricing structures, vouchers, stock and e-marketing can come together to provide a tailored shopping experience for customers. In a world where online shops are ever growing, customer experience is so vital that a single bad shopping experience could easily result in the loss of a customer to a competitor for life.

3. Scalability (it’s good for you both!)
A major advantage of a cloud solution for companies is the cost-effective scalability they provide. With increased business and demand you can simply expand the deployment of cloud services at the touch of a button. Similarly, demand drops resources can be quickly and easily scaled back. This prevents the high cost, high risk dangers of growing too quickly using more traditional servers. However, these elastic servers can also in turn improve customer experience. Companies being overly cautious on making unnecessary expenditure for short-lived demands, could end up directly affecting those customers whose requests cannot be met due to limited resources. The flexibility of cloud means companies can ensure they never miss a customer request by adapting on a day-by-day basis to the current requirements.

4. Resiliency
A major risk factor for any company is the worry that their server may go down and result in a poor experience of their customers. Cloud computing provides a new level of reliability as they do not rely on a single server but instead spread data across a large number of independent physical locations. If one becomes incapacitated, there are numerous back-ups available to take over the processing. This allows us at Hostingit4u to guarantee a 99.99% uptime to prove a reliable customer experience and ensure server failures are a thing of the past.