Cloud computing: The greener way to run your business

Cloud computing can enable the transition towards a more sustainable business model for your company. Companies around the world are increasingly striving to be more sustainable and trying to do their bit to promote a greener world. The impact of choosing a hosted solution over an in-house infrastructure can be substantial, bringing your energy savings up and your carbon footprint down.

Green cloud computing
Cloud centralized computing

Virtualization is a technology used by cloud computing services which enables servers to deploy just the right amount of resources for your business. Centralized cloud computing reduces the number of servers that are used dependent on your requirements, eliminating wasted energy usage.

In comparison traditional on-site servers exert huge amounts of energy at all times. With businesses rarely working to their full capacity, this results in a good deal of the energy exerted being wasted.

Virtualization also opens the doors to the option of multitenancy where multiple businesses can operate from the same cloud infrastructure with zero security issues. This means not only are fewer servers and less equipment required but resources are shared between companies resulting in further green benefits.

Flexible scalability

A hosted IT solution uses a pay as you go methodology. This is a major benefit financially as you can increase your data space as and when you need it without investing heavily in additional physical server space. However, it also results in efficient energy usage with resources only being used when they are required, providing a positive impact on your finances as well as the environment.

Lowering the paper trail

Traditionally businesses have accounted for a large amount of the paper consumption in the UK, with office environments making it easy to waste paper unnecessarily. When used strategically cloud computing can lead companies towards a more digital mentality. This fits well with companies choosing to work remotely within a cloud-based infrastructure. The reliability of cloud security encourages users to confidently communicate and share documents digitally through their hosted platform, in turn working more sustainably.

Reduced travel and shipping requirements

We all know that travel is a major issue for increased carbon outputs, and businesses are constantly being encouraged to find ways to lower their carbon footprint. Traditionally regular commutes to work, face-to-face client meeting (sometimes around the world) and secure courier deliveries for important documents have been seen as unavoidable aspects of a business environment.

Cloud computing has paved a path to increase your green credentials with remote working, secure digital data sharing and virtual meeting services, allowing transportation and shipping services to take a major cut. Not only does this lower your overall admissions, but it’s been shown that flexible remote working makes for a more productive team, and a movement to the cloud allows your clients to see your business as digitally savvy.

Get greener today

A hosted IT solution may be easier than you think. We can have your business up and running in the cloud in a matter of hours, creating a bespoke package to work best for your requirements. And the best bit is there are no daunting setup costs to deal with.

Cloud computing allows you to save money, increase your operational efficiency and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint – so it’s a win-win situation.
Green cloud computing