Why small businesses should migrate to the cloud

The adoption of cloud computing for medium and large businesses has grown dramatically over the last 5 years, but until more recently it’s been less apparent that small businesses can also benefit from the big changes which cloud migration can bring about.

As these benefits are gradually being realised more and more by entrepreneurial startups to small-town business owners, we’ve put together some key reasons why you should consider moving your small business to the cloud.

  1. Lower overheads

Whilst larger companies may be able to afford to take risks and try something new, small businesses always need to consider the effect any business decision has on their cash flow. One of the key realisations with regards to migrating to the cloud is that the risk is actually much lower with cloud adoption, as it can immediately result in significant savings for small businesses.

With less need for physical server hardware, businesses can get away with less expensive equipment whilst still having all the benefits that an in-house server might have provided. Not only are the monthly costs cheaper and more flexible, but you also avoid the large set up costs associated with installation, and the on-going costs for maintenance, support and hardware updates.

  1. Better collaboration

Moving your data to the cloud means that it can accessed from anywhere in the world by any employees or clients you wish to share it with. It is a platform which not only welcomes but promotes collaboration allowing users to view, comment, share and review documents in a single shared space.

With many companies choosing to employ a remote workforce, the ability to create a collaborative workspace environment makes these modern business models both more usable and more successful.

  1. Greater adaptability

Whilst you may be a small company now, it’s likely that you will be aiming to expand and grow in the coming years and therefore need to work within a flexible platform to allow you to do so.

Our cloud-hosted packages allows cost effective scalability meaning you can increase your data requirements as and when you grow, with the benefit of scaling back to a smaller package at any time. This makes it a financially safer option for businesses who may need additional server space without wanting to commit to expensive additional server space.


The cloud is redefining the way small businesses do business

With analysts predicting that cloud services for SMB’s will continue growing at a rapid rate in to 2017, don’t miss out on the opportunity to position your small business to benefit from the power of the cloud.