Cloud services: The merits of a one-stop shop

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from potential customers who are looking for a new cloud hosted solution, is how complicated, confusing and time consuming it can be having to juggle between multiple vendors each providing individual cloud services. This often comes about when a company starts with a single cloud service and slowly starts to add more to their portfolio. Before they know it they have numerous services and have the tedious task of navigating between their multiple vendors to manage them.

Whilst you have the flexibility of shopping around for each of your services, the time and effort involved can put a strain on your resources and often end up costing you more. It also means that when something goes wrong, you again are required to communicate with numerous companies who each have their own policies and procedures in place.

At HostingIT4U we offer a one-stop shop for all your IT and cloud computing needs. This means that we can tailor infrastructure and software to offer you a full package of cloud services from virtual cloud servers, to cloud hosted desktops, all the way through to your mail exchange and a full phone system, all hosted on the cloud, and all managed by us.

As well as taking away the hassle associated with individually outsourced IT services, our one-stop shop ensures that we identify the best cloud services available and fully manage the multi-cloud environment for our clients.

This means we can provide customers with a single point of contact for service support, ensuring that our clients feel safe and secure, with the knowledge that inevitably the accountability for all their cloud services lies with us.

With HostingIT4U the transition to our hosted services is seamless and we provide 24/7 on-going support to our clients as standard. So why not find out how our one-stop shop cloud services could provide you with all you need in a single package.