Why would I want to use cloud in my business?

Everyone has heard of the cloud. “It’s in the cloud” is a phrase that we all commonly hear on the news, the internet and in everyday conversation. But, that is not to say that we all completely understand how beneficial a cloud computing solution may be for business.

Whatever your industry and no matter the size, moving to the cloud can save you money, increase your security and make working life more flexible and adaptable for your employees. We have put together a quick fire list of the key reasons for choosing a cloud solution for your business.


  1. Cost

Storing your data on the cloud can revolutionise the way you pay for your IT services. A cloud package does not require you to pay the large set up costs for servers and infrastructure associated with an in-house server. It instead brings in flexible monthly payments where you only pay for the data storage which you require.

Our cloud packages are fully transparent with no hidden fees or additional costs for support. Everything you require is included in your chosen package. On average companies tend to save around 30% when choosing to migrate to a cloud solution.

In addition, cloud computing allows you to save money on energy bills and in turn reduce your carbon footprint.


  1. Accessibility

Accessibility is a key benefit of opting for a cloud solution. Our flexible cloud hosting solutions allow you to access you emails, files, data and software from anywhere at anytime.

You simply need to pick up your laptop, tablet or phone and you can have all of your company material at your fingertips. This makes working life not only more convenient but also more productive for your employees. Cloud services open the door to remote working allowing you to cast your net further when choosing the best staff for the job.


  1. Security

In the past, security has been a feature which has put companies off choosing a cloud solution, with a feeling of the ‘unknown’ for where your data is and how secure it will be. However this has changed significantly in recent years with major corporations taking advantage of the high tech security features in place in the cloud.

HostingIT4U offer a private cloud hosting solution which means all of your data is stored on your own servers in secure data centres in the UK with top end physical and virtual security. This level of security is unrivalled by any in-house hosting solution.


  1. Support

When you move to the cloud you can either opt to choose various services from different providers, or instead get all of your cloud services from a one-stop-shop supplier like HostingIT4U. A key benefit of a one-stop-shop is having all of your support under one roof. We offer 24/7 support to our clients, allowing there to be a single point of contact with sole accountability for ensuring your IT is up and running at all times.

With the high reliability of hosted services it is unlikely that you will require significant support, however it is reassuring to know that you have a dedicated support team on hand to solve any problems you may encounter.


  1. Performance

What many people may not know about migrating to the cloud, is that we can offer a 99.99% guaranteed up time, which means that you remove the fears of your server going down and resulting in your employees being unable to access their files.

With our cloud solutions, your data is held on two geographically distinct servers which means on the off chance that one goes down, the second server is on hand to immediately back up your data in a separate location.

With high end equipment in place which are regularly updated and serviced as part of your package, you receive the highest level of performance in terms of both speed and reliability at all times.


To find out more about why choosing a cloud solution could benefit your company, visit our webpage here, or get in touch with us directly to discuss your bespoke cloud package.