How flexible is a cloud hosted server?


One of the key benefits of choosing a cloud hosted server is the flexibility of being able to have a bespoke package tailored to your business.

With a cloud hosted server, you can suddenly enjoy the added space and quieter setting from removing an in-house server from your office environment. This can allow you to spread out in your office, or even move out to a new or remote working location. With affordable prices and high performance, it’s easy to see the benefits of a cloud server taking shape – but just how flexible can you be with your package?

A hosted server can be customised based purely on the data you require. This is a great way to be money savvy, scaling your IT requirements to the size and needs of your business. This is perfect for businesses who might experience a ‘busy period’ at certain times in the year, where more staff and resources and required, but want to do so without the commitment of moving to a large-scale server full-time. It also means you can be more confident to grow your server space along with your business, not having to worry that you may not be able to pay the fees – as it is just as simple to scale down as it is to scale up.

To increase your capacity with an in-house server you would need to source and install new IT equipment for the business, which can be both inconvenient and time-consuming. Instead, using a hosted provider, adding additional server space or desktops can be done quickly and easily with no disruption to your day-to-day business.

At HostingIT4U our cloud-based servers are run on state-of-the-art equipment in temperature controlled data centres right here in the UK. With a back-up server working at all times you can feel confident in knowing not only where your data is but that we can guarantee a 99.99% up-time for your business.

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