One train strike too many? Get back on track with a cloud hosted system

This week we experienced yet another train strike in the UK with a reported half a million people being left stranded and unable to get to work. The latest 48-hour walkout by Southern Rail has caused chaos for thousands of commuters who rely on trains every day to get them to the office on time.

When your business uses an in-house IT service all your files, data and emails are held on office-based equipment. This creates a nightmare situation for business owners when disruptions such as a train strike (amongst others) result in numerous employees being late to work, or potentially unable to make it in at all. With no access to their office desktop, those stuck at home or away from work can find themselves unable to fulfil their job to their potential, becoming disconnected from the business and their clients.

Modern businesses are finding ways to avoid these inevitable interruptions having a negative effect on working life by moving away from old school IT methods and coming on board with cloud hosted servers, desktops, email exchange and phone systems.

Moving to the cloud is not only highly secure and cost-effective, it also ensures that yourself and your employees can access files, data and emails anywhere with an internet connection. This means you can employ staff who work remotely, not only in the UK but from anywhere in the world. Cloud computing allows employees to work from the comfort of their own homes opening the doors for the likes of busy parents and country dwellers who may normally be unable to work in a set office environment. In addition, it of course eliminates the issues caused by disruptions such as the recent train strikes on a busy functioning business.

Access is everything in the modern world, whether it’s picking up emails on the go, accessing data from your kitchen table or responding to an on the spot to a client query. If you can’t get access you’re setting yourself back in the business world.

Do your business and your employees a favour and check out our cloud hosted servers, desktops, email exchange and phone systems which can help you avoid disruptions and get your business back on track… even when the train service is off the rails.