10 reasons VoIP is an essential tool for your business

A cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) provides you with a reliable fully-integrated phone service you can access via the internet from any location. VoIP allows your workforce and your management team to work more efficiently and productively with an array of accessible features and benefits. Providing an internet-based platform which is fully customisable, VoIP is an essential system for today’s successful SMEs.

We partner with RingCentral to provide a flexible, reliable and highly efficient VoIP service for our loyal clients.

Here are just 10 of the top reasons you should consider a VoIP phone service with us today.


  1. Location, location, location

With a VoIP your team can work from home, abroad, or any other remote environment with an internet connection. This allows your employees greater flexibility, which in turn creates a more productive team. It also ensures that unexpected disruptions such as snow on the roads or a train strike on a daily commute don’t disrupt your business.

  1. Save money

A cloud-hosted VoIP phone system can create significant cost savings for your business in comparison to old fashioned on-premise phone systems. Eliminate expensive maintenance contracts with simple all-inclusive pricing.

  1. A global phone system

Managing a team of office-based and remote workers from multiple locations is made simple, with customisable online profiles within a single phone system. Allow employees to connect and work seamlessly with each other, whether they are in the office or working from home, whilst still ensuring management can monitor day-to-day activity.

  1. Plug and Ring® ready

Receive fully configured enterprise-level desk phone systems Plug & Ring® ready, without the need for a long convoluted setup process. Simply connect to an existing internet connection to immediately begin making and receiving calls.

  1. BYOD compatible

A cloud-based VoIP system is BYOD-ready enabling simple integration with employee smartphones and tablets. The easy to use RingCentral Mobile App turns BYOD devices in to fully set up business phones.

  1. Integrate your devices

Your fully connected system allows users to make and receive calls from their computer as well as transferring calls between various devices. Employees can utilise the Mobile App further to configure their own settings, allowing additional devices to accept calls, faxes and notifications from anywhere, at any time.

  1. Optimised call handling

With a VoIP which follows you everywhere, you and your team will never miss an important business call. A fully integrated VoIP system makes it easy to route calls between departments and in accordance with events and schedules, optimising and delivering high end customer service for your clients.

  1. A phone system that works for you

A VoIP phone system encourages employees to customise their device settings to their business. Allowing ease-of-use and creating a highly efficient working environment. In addition, selected admins can easily manage users and devices in remote locations at any time on a user-friendly web interface.

  1. Advanced functionality

VoIP integrates with other cloud applications, benefitting from video, audio, online meetings and web conferencing tools. The advanced functionality creates a seamless system to co-ordinate and run your business communications.

  1. Efficient scalability

Benefit from advanced scalability by quickly and easily adding and removing users, allowing you to support distributed workforces within the business.


Our RingCentral VoIP cloud hosted phone system provides you with a complete business communications solution.

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