5th November 2015

Resilience in the Cloud

resilience in the cloud

Resilience in the cloud is essential for ensuring that your uptime never dips.

Resiliency is a form of failover computing that distributes IT resources over independent physical locations. Thereby meaning that if one becomes incapacitated, another can automatically take over the processing. Due to the high level of resilience in the cloud, this means our clients can benefit from a 99.99% uptime.

All our servers and other IT infrastructure are state of the art, enterprise level equipment, kept in highly secure, temperature controlled environments. Our data centres have independent energy generators and are located in former military bunkers meaning the likelihood of them being taken offline is virtually nil, making server failures a thing of the past. With your hosted services running across several machines in geographically distinct areas, in the unlikely case one location should have a problem, all your data is backed up in a separate location.

Compare this to having your data on a server in your office. The hardware is vulnerable to physical damage, power cuts and failing due to overloading. There is often no back up option available if something goes wrong and can result in your equipment being down for several hours or even days before a solution is found.

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