3rd November 2015

Accessibility & Flexibility

flexible cloud hosting services

Accessibility is one of the key benefits of hosting your IT with HostingIT4U. With our flexible cloud hosting services you will be able to access your emails, files, network and even use software from any location with an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Features of our Accessibility & Flexibility

  • Files, emails and software available from any location
  • Connect offices or employees instantly and securely
  • Allow staff to collaborate on projects
  • Allow staff to work from home or client locations
  • Utilise key software from any location without having to spend money on multiple license fees.
  • Enjoy high performance computing as processing occurs on enterprise grade equipment
  • The majority of our clients have not needed to upgrade their internet connection

We will work with you to create a tailor made service to ensure that you are getting the most for your business and not paying for services you do not require.

As only keystrokes and mouse movements are sent via the internet from your location, it is unlikely that you will be required to upgrade your internet connection.

Enabling your staff to work from a number of locations will provide a multitude of benefits. Being able to access files and software from a clients office or retrieve a vital file needed in a meeting will ensure you are always able to deliver.

Flexible working is fast becoming an important factor for many businesses. Providing infrastructure to allow your staff to work from home will improve productivity, enabling them to work over weekends, evenings or even whilst on holiday should the need arise.

For larger companies hosted services allow staff in multiple locations to collaborate effectively across multiple devices. Multiple offices will be connected and be able to work together on projects, share key files and folders and access vital information wherever they are.

For smaller business, hosted services can provide you with the power to impress a large business perception upon your clients and potential clients. Being able to access essential information, respond to emails and share important files with clients or employees whilst being mobile is important for many small businesses.

If you have a highly mobile work force, perhaps travelling across the country or even the world, hosted services will allow them to function as if they were sat at your head office, requiring only an internet connection and internet enabled device.

Software accessibility is a vital part of many businesses functionality. Being able to access software that was previously limited to one location allows your staff to become increasingly productive and ultimately make your business more profitable.

At HostingIT4U, you only pay for the software licenses that you use, reducing wasted costs on unused licenses.

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