How a hosted IT solution can help your business cut costs

In a tight economic climate where businesses need to be financially savvy in order to stay ahead, it’s essential make smart strategic decisions for your company. Say goodbye to set-up fees Cloud-based services eliminate the need for over-priced tech hardware, such as servers. This means you are no longer forced to partner with expensive IT[…]

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Top trends for cloud computing in 2016

Cloud technologies have cemented themselves as a major player, and one of the fastest growing services of the digital age. With increasingly more companies choosing a hosted server, 2015 saw an explosion in cloud usage boosted by the emergence of ever new social, mobile and analytic technologies. So what’s next for the cloud and what[…]

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Understanding the acceleration of cloud in the UK

The cloud has created a dynamic digital architecture which is not only enhancing but actually shaping the business culture across the UK. With proven benefits including flexible access to technology, cost-saving adaptability, high speed real-time services and both improved communication and collaboration, it’s easy to see why the number of businesses choosing a hosted solution[…]

RansomeWare Virus & How to fight it

  Lincolnshire County Council hit by £1m malware demand   Lincolnshire County Council’s computer systems have been closed for four days after being hit by computer malware demanding a £1m ransom. “People can only use pens and paper, we’ve gone back a few years.” [BBC News 29th Jan 2016]   The computer virus that blackmails[…]