3rd November 2015

Back up and replication


Hosting your IT requirements dramatically reduces the risk of data loss with cloud hosted backup systems ensuring your business data is safe and secure.

Features of our Cloud Hosted Backup

  • Your data is stored across multiple, geographically independent sites
  • Systems are in place to ensure you do not experience any interruption to your services.
  • All data remains in the UK
  • Monthly payments with the ability to change storage size easily and quickly
  • Data is fully secure
  • Back ups created hourly
  • Certified to ISO27001

Our cloud hosted services are mirrored across multiple geographically independent data centres, each with state of the art security and within a controlled environment. In the unlikely event that there should be a problem at one site, another will be simultaneously running the services you are using, meaning you are unlikely to even notice, let alone encounter severe data loss.

Hosting an in house server or having desktop PCs which contain vital information stored within their hard drives leaves your business open to a range of risks including damage, theft and technical failure. With hosted systems, none of these issues are present, and best of all, all backups are undertaken automatically, removing any need for you to worry about backing up your data.

Backups are created on an hourly basis and are kept for up to one month meaning you can retrieve deleted information if needs be. This can be extended if you require longer backups, we also offer physical backups onto hard drives if you require.

All our data remains in the UK, a requirement for certain clients to be compliant with the data protection act. All our data centres are ISO27001 certified. Hosting IT4U are compliant with ISO27001 and ISO9001 for data integrity and data security.

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