3rd November 2015

Cloud Hosted Desktops

Hosted Desktop

Move your computing power into the cloud to benefit from easy scalability, reduced cost and increased performance all with state of the art security and reliability including automatic back up and replication.

Features of a cloud hosted desktop


You and your staff can work from anywhere with an internet connection and an internet enabled device. This allows staff to work from clients’ offices, from home or whilst away. With accessibility from smartphones and tablets this really does allow complete working flexibility.


Your data is stored in two of Europe’s most secure data centres. The physical security as well as virtual online security ensures that your data stays safe and always available to you when you require it. The data is all stored within the UK to adhere with certain data protection act laws.


With all information processing occurring on high performance, enterprise grade hardware at our data centres, our clients often find that our hosted desktop services perform faster than their previous system. Often your current internet connection will more than suffice. We will consult with you to ensure that you have the correct service for your needs.


Your data is automatically replicated across the two independent data centres ensuring that your vital information is kept safe. In the unlikely event of a data centre failure we have systems in place to guarantee your data is safeguarded and that there is minimal interruption to your business.


  • Become more agile and responsive as a business
  • Being able to add or remove users at a moments notice allows you to adjust the size of your IT infrastructure in the most cost effective way. We will help tailor our services to directly fit with your requirements.
  • Buy services and programs as and when you require them without the expensive licencing traditionally involved.
  • Add users within 24hrs notice.

Reduce cost

Reduce your IT expenditure as cheaper and more basic computers or “thin clients” can be purchased as replacements or for new staff without any reduction in performance as all processing occurs off site.
Going hosted also removes the need for expensive licences and anti virus software.


We will provide full support for your Hosted IT, removing the need for you to worry about software and hardware upgrades, updates and general maintenance issues. We are happy to work with any in-house IT staff or departments to ensure any issues are resolved in a timely and collaborative manner.

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