3rd November 2015

Cloud Hosted Exchange

cloud-based hosted exchange

Hosted on state of the art, secure hardware across three independent data centres, your email data will be secure, backed up and available for you to access across a range of devices- Mac, PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All this without the cost and hassle of your own Exchange server.

Benefits of a cloud hosted exchange:


Enjoy the same user experience as Microsoft exchange with all the features and functionality, ensuring a seamless transition.

Get access anywhere

Because Hosted Exchange is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere either using Outlook on your desktop, browser or mobile device.

Reduce your cost

Moving to Hosted Exchange means you benefit from a full-featured Exchange 2010 service at a significantly reduced cost compared to in house email. No expensive server upgrades, software licenses or maintenance bills

Protect your data

Every HostingIT4U Hosted Exchange mailbox is protected by award-winning advanced Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus email security system.

Triple hosted for ultra resilience

To ensure your email data remains safe and secure in the Cloud, every mailbox hosted with us is hosted on three separate Exchange servers

Back up and repilcation

All mailboxes are regularly backed-up, and inbound, outbound and internal emailflow is securely copied into a real-time archive for added reassurance.

10 Year Archiving

Rest assured that your emails are retrievable for up to 10 years with our archiving option. Emails accidently deleted can be easily retrieve from our on-line control panel

Shared calendars, contacts and tasks

When you use Hosting IT 4 u Hosted Exchange, you get to collaborate more easily with other colleagues by sharing calendars, contacts and tasks.

Exceptional support

A highly skilled and experienced support team will be on hand to help you with any future issues in the unlikely case they should arise, leaving you and your staff to get on with running your business.

Easy migration

Our staff will ensure that the migration of your existing data from your on-site platform to our hosted exchange platform is seamless and causes minimal interruption to your business.

Easily scalable

Add more users easily and without the need to upgrade your in house hardware, reducing hassle, time expenditure and cost.

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