3rd November 2015

Cost Savings


Not only does the concept of Hosted IT allow your business to be more flexible and productive allowing for greater profitability but also it allows significant changes in the way you pay for your IT services.

Features of Cost Savings with Hosted IT

  • Reduce your IT expenditure by moving to a hosted system
  • The majority of companies can save up to 30% or more.
  • Support included in the service
  • Convert your capital expenditure to operational expenditure
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Flexible monthly payments
  • Transparent pricing packages
  • Only pay for what you require
  • Make changes without increasing capital expenditure or leaving expensive equipment redundant.
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Reduce your software expenditure
  • Simple billing with all services included in a single invoice
  • Anti virus costs included

You no longer need to make significant investments of capital, time and management in order to replace a server or purchase expensive, additional equipment for a new employee.

Running your IT in house by traditional methods means replacing your equipment every three to five years. This can be a significant capital investment, not to mention the time it takes to plan and implement the new equipment. With Hosted IT you can pay monthly for your requirements, moving significant capital expenditure to affordable flexible operational expenditure. This is very attractive for start up organisations, or those businesses looking to reduce their risk profile and IT budget. You also no longer have to worry about depreciating your equipment.

Take for example a new server for a small business of 20 users. This should ideally be replaced every 3 years to ensure speed and reliability standards are kept high. The capital expenditure would come in at around 5000 compared to 90 per month over 3 years, a total of 3240, spread into easy monthly instalments.

The addition of new users or removal of redundant users is very easy and extremely cost efficient. You are only paying for what you use and not paying for equipment that is not required. Not only can you benefit from a per month instalment but also from a per user basis. Find out more about scalability here.

Other areas where HostingIT4U can reduce your expenditure include

-Reduce your support requirements

-Reduced insurance premiums- with less equipment on site your insurance cover requirements should reduce and along with it your premiums.

-software is included and installed at our datacentres so you do not need to concern yourself with expensive software licenses, renewal dates or licenses for redundant users.

-Your energy bills should also reduce. As you have less power hungry equipment in your office, now relocated to a secure data centre, you will notice you are using less electricity. Thin Clients use on average 90% less electricity than standard computers. You also no longer have to cool your server as all our servers are kept in temperature controlled datacentres.

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