Tour Operator Client


A group of tour operators who wanted representation in Europe founded a Tour Operators Association in 1989.

The client is the leading trade association for tour operators and suppliers with business in European destinations. Over 800 members contribute more than €12bn of business within Europe and include tour and online operators, intermediaries and wholesalers; European tourist boards, hotels, attractions and other tourism suppliers.

They offer an unparalleled networking/contracting platform for tourism professionals organising B2B events (BIM, HEM, City Fair, GEM).  The organisation provides advocacy support on a European level, high profile industry campaigns and B2B marketing representation opportunities; all in order to promote Europe as a number one tourism destination.


The client had a single Small Business Server handling the network, emails and documents with external drive backups manually changed every day.

The server was struggling to cope with demand and a couple of times a month would freeze altogether and require a reboot. This caused severe interruptions to the productivity of the staff.

Remote access was not stable enough due to an inconsistent broadband line, so staff at weeklong conferences had issues accessing emails and documents.

More staff were working away from the office at the increasing number of conferences and the infrastructure at the time was not conducive to the increase in VPN connections required to service all the requests.

The client needed a robust, secure and fast system allowing for the change in working practice.

After an audit of their IT, HostingIT4U formulated a strategy to resolve all the issues while providing a stable, secure and fast system.


HostingIT4U Ltd tailored the new infrastructure to meet all their needs ensuring there was no disruption to their working day.

The migration was split into different stages, the first being moving to Hosted emails. This was achieved with no disruption to emails and no change to the way the user sees and accesses their emails. As some of the users maintain very large mailboxes, the move to a Hosted Solution allowed HostingIT4U to better manage the resources and meet user demand quicker and seamlessly.

Confidence in the new Hosted email system was quickly established and a date was chosen for the final part of the migration to coincide with a quieter period at their office.

Stage 2 was then started for the migration to hosted desktops. The new infrastructure was made up of 3 servers running Windows server 2012R2 with each on mirrored to a second data centre. Two hourly snapshots were taken on each server and kept for 3 days with an additional automatic backup of the data taken every night and that stored in a different location.

Each user’s Hosted Desktop was then created and the data migrated. User applications installed and tested. A visit over several days by the HostingIT4U migration engineer allowed time for each user to see their new hosted desktop prior to going live. This allowed HostingIT4U to ensure that each user had access to everything they needed when the switch over occurred.

A final data transfer was run the night before and the following morning all users logged onto their new Hosted Desktop. HostingIT4U staff were onsite to support staff logging onto the new system which went very smoothly and no disruption to the working of the staff.

The client is currently planning an office move which will now be considerable easier from an IT point of view.