3rd November 2015

Private Security


Cloud security is often a major concern for companies looking to migrate away from in-house services. In recent times more and more large corporations including banks and legal firms which have large amounts of sensitive, confidential information, have been moving their IT services to a secure cloud environment.

Your data will be stored across at least 2 physical, geographically independent locations, which each provide top-end physical and virtual security.

The physical security on the sites ensures that your data cannot be accessed or damaged in any way. Unescorted access to the site is forbidden, and the servers are kept in temperature controlled bunkers, with 24-hour CCTV and protected behind steel doors.

Virtual security is equally established, with all data transmissions encrypted using SSL encryption, a method used by highly sensitive corporations such as banks and businesses for secure online payments. Our systems also use firewalls and virus guard software to ensure that your data is safe from harm. The data centres are also complete with software to track any attempts at unauthorised access, safeguarding your data from third party access.

Our data centre sites are accredited and certified to ISO27001 and PCI DSS security standards.

All your data will remain in the UK. This is important for organisations required to store sensitive data within the UK to meet the regulations of the data protection act.

The level of virtual and physical security we can provide is unrivaled on an in house scale. Moving your IT services to our hosted based systems will ensure that not only is your data secure from virtual threats but also physical threats such as fire or theft. Not to mention the host of other benefits you will attain from switching.

Any updates required can take place immediately and automatically removing any concerns from your in-house IT team.

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