3rd November 2015

Scalability and flexibility


Only pay for the cloud services you require with instant growth available at the touch of a button…

Respond faster to the needs of your business by being able to scale your IT requirements to the size and needs of your business. Rather than having to source and install new IT equipment such as servers or expensive desktop units you can have access to cloud hosted servers or add additional cloud hosted desktop units rapidly and cost effectively.

With HostingIT4U it is possible to have a server online and operational within one hour.

The growth of your company is often at the forefront of your business objectives, however additional growth often takes on additional costs, usually in the form of upfront capital expenditure on equipment and infrastructure for new staff and operational requirements. With Hosting IT 4U hosted services this can all be spread into monthly payments, reducing your expenditure and removing strain from your cashflow.

If your company experiences seasonal or sudden changes in number of staff, being able to increase or decrease your IT infrastructure instantaneously allows you to make significant savings and improve your efficiency. Hosted services are elastic, able to adapt to changes in your business quickly and efficiently.

Start up or small businesses can take advantage of being able to remove the initial expenditure of an in house maintained server and IT equipment, as well as being able to effortlessly add new users as the business expands. With HostingIT4U software can be added or updated when required, and can all be done quickly and easily, removing the hassle of software expiring or requiring upgrading.

Your IT services are essentially future proof. We will upgrade them as and when they require, with no interruption to your service.

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