cloud in my business

Why would I want to use cloud in my business?

Everyone has heard of the cloud. “It’s in the cloud” is a phrase that we all commonly hear on the news, the internet and in everyday conversation. But, that is not to say that we all completely understand how beneficial a cloud computing solution may be for business. Whatever your industry and no matter the[…]

cloud migration

Why small businesses should migrate to the cloud

The adoption of cloud computing for medium and large businesses has grown dramatically over the last 5 years, but until more recently it’s been less apparent that small businesses can also benefit from the big changes which cloud migration can bring about. As these benefits are gradually being realised more and more by entrepreneurial startups[…]

cloud migration

Top trends for cloud computing in 2016

Cloud technologies have cemented themselves as a major player, and one of the fastest growing services of the digital age. With increasingly more companies choosing a hosted server, 2015 saw an explosion in cloud usage boosted by the emergence of ever new social, mobile and analytic technologies. So what’s next for the cloud and what[…]