3rd November 2015

Website Hosting

website hosting

A stylish, informative and useable website is a critical shop window for many businesses. Ensuring that your website can handle large numbers of visitors, adapt as your business grows, and act as a reliable ambassador for your company is an important factor in standing out from the competition.

Website hosting solutions provide a secure, resilient, reliable and scalable platform on which to run your business website. Easily scale up resources to cater for growing demand without the costly and time-consuming need to move to new hardware. Receive analytics and performance reports to track your website’s progress, giving insight into your customers and areas for growth or improvement.


Benefits of our website hosting

Web hosting solutions that are delivered via the Hosting IT4U Datacenter on Demand platform can be designed and built to provide your business with:

  • Security – you site is backed up regularly to ensure you don’t lose valuable information and work.
  • Scalability – Increase the physical resources assigned to run your website with the click of a button, meaning that you only pay for the infrastructure you need while having the capability to grow and expand when you need to.
  • Reliability and resilience – Get protection against physical server, power and connectivity failures. Benefit from significant investment in failsafe systems to keep your business website running.

as well as benefitting from:

  • 60+ free applications – With 1 click installation available as part of your package.
  • UK locality of data – All HostingIT4U data centres are located in the UK.
  • Flexible payment options – Choose to pay as you go, pay monthly or pay annually, all with associated levels of discount. Pay as your business grows by adding more features when needed.